Sept - Nov
Average temp 17c

Spring equinox brings fresh westerlies and visiting orca. Orcas come in close to shore to hunt stingrays. The fur seal colony is breeding and coastal birds start their rowdy courtship rituals. Harrier hawks, oyster catchers, pied stilts, shags, paradise ducks, banded dotterels, swans and white faced herons are nesting.

Wild deer begin emerging from the forest at dusk to return at dawn and the bush is alive with birdsong from waxeyes, grey warblers, tomtits, fantails, whiteheads and stunningly, melodic native birds, tui and bellbird. Native wood pigeons (kererū) will be guarding their nests, harrier hawks cartwheel through the air.

Native kowhai and rata trees as well as manuka trees begin to flower. We have beehives strategically placed to collect the valuable manuka honey, well known for its medicinal properties

Dec - Feb
Average temp 22c

As spring gives way to warm summer days; visitors enjoy swimming and sunbathing on our lovely fine-sand beach. Afternoon sea-breezes keeps things cool enough for coastal walks or an inland foray on quad bikes.

Red stags and fallow bucks are in velvet and are growing antlers. Hinds and does will be caring for new-born fawns. The estate is mustering sheep for shearing and lambs are weaned.

During the heat of the day the animals and birds are less active, however the native koromakō (our stunning bellbird) continues and our valleys echo with their bell-like sounds.

It is during this time you may catch a glimpse of the rare kārearea (New Zealand Falcon).

March - May
Average temp 15c

Autumn brings the awe-inspiring sound of the majestic red stags roaring, punctuating the air as they begin to rut. Fallow deer croak as they establish their territories and wild boar start their roaming as the ground begins to soften.

The coastal weather is often at its calmest with occasional cool southerly winds as a hint of what is to come. Our birds love this time of year and are active for most of the day with the dawn chorus in full swing in the back country.

In the sea the delicious crayfish are more elusive as the season comes to an end but a little further offshore tuna, broadbill swordfish and mako sharks may still be in evidence as well as the plentiful kingfish.

June - Aug
Average temp 13c

Visitors are mesmerised by the power of nature as cold southerlies bring large ocean swells which crash on to the rocks. These wild and exhilarating moments are interspersed with calm, clear, sparkling days. In The Lodge our enormous roaring fire keeps you wonderfully warm as you weather watch.

At this time of year we see plenty of fur seals basking on the rocks in groups. Red and fallow deer come down from the bush within sight of The Lodge.

The coastal wetland is enjoyed by water fowl and Harrier Hawks can be seen circling overhead as prey becomes scarce.

Fishing is often excellent and when weather permits, blue cod and groper can be caught.

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