Ko te Kahu is part of Glenburn Station, one of the oldest and largest coastal sheep and beef stations in New Zealand.

Glenburn is 14,600 acres and has been farmed since 1873. It was farmed for 98 years by one family, the Riddifords. It was sold to offshore owners in 1997 but 10 years later sold to the McFadzean and Reid families. We own the remote, southern portion of Glenburn. We named it Ko te Kahu as Māori folklore has it that, from the air, an offshore rock formation resembles the out-spread wings of a kahu, New Zealand's native hawk.

Glenburn is a traditional hill country station which runs approximately 10,000 sheep and 1000 cattle. The stock from the station has long been recognised as some of New Zealand's best. Stockmen operate the property using 4 wheel drive ATVs and horses.

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